Four Season Riviera - PRICE LIST

Federal Land : Four Season Riviera For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 7,300,000 - 7,700,000 45.50 sqm - 47 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 11,000,000 - 14,800,000 67.50 sqm - 89.50 sqm
3 Bedroom ₱ 15,200,000 - 29,700,000 92 sqm - 142 sqm
4 Bedroom ₱ 31,000,000 - 39,000,000 182 sqm - 184 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Spot Cash
100% Spot Cash payable in 30 days with 10% discount
50% Downpayment payable in 30 days with 5% discount , 50% remaining balance payable in 45 days
30% Downpayment payable in 30 days with 9% discount, 70% remaining balance thru bank financing
Option 2: Deferred Payment
10% Spot Downpayment payable in 30 days with 1% discount
20% Downpayment payable in 45 months with 10% discount
70% Remaining Balance thru bank financing
30% Spot Downpayment payable in 30 days with 3% discount
70% Remaining Balance payable in 45 months
100% of Total Contract Price payable in 48 months

Four Season Riviera: The Dream House You Deserve

Given all the benefits and wonderful features of Four Season Riviera, it is such an amazing choice that you can finally live at your dream home. With the inspiring views and convenience of location, it’s truly the investment that you shouldn’t miss. Being surrounded by opportunities is the ultimate key for having greater success in life. Nothing quite says you’re successful than an amazing home which reflects your dreams, goals, and ambitions in life.

Four Season Riviera is a great reminder of your life’s greatness. With the most advanced and pleasing amenities, you will be assured that you’ll be spending your days with a smile and a contented disposition. The perks of being in one of the most sought after homes will bring you an indescribable happiness as you explore greater heights and wider perspectives. Four Season Riviera is not only beneficial for you in the present but also in the future as its worth only increases over time given its prime location. You should be wise and invest in a place where you everything is reachable and the center of career growth.

Four Season Riviera is a home that will push you to your capacity and prove that you have made it. It is a home which will not only equate to your life’s successes but also drives you to be even better than the best. Four Season Riviera is the home for the achievers. It’s a home that you utterly deserve.  


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